Reviewing Joel | March 6, 2012

I’m almost positive Joel thinks I’m going to rip him a new one in reviewing his blog; in reality, I was quite impressed with how concise his statements were for how much thought and input they each have. I thought his comparison of Cupid and Psyche with the Frog Princess was incomplete and disorganized, but that doesn’t mean that it was devoid of material; I still understood the ideas he touched on.

Furthermore, knowing that I write incredibly lengthy and detailed blogs, I am always looking to improve my precision with words, and Joel provides an excellent example of sticking to a less imaginative, yet fully detailed analysis. For example, his Snow White vs. “Sonne” comparison was fairly short, yet it said more about his actual in-depth analysis of the video and his own opinions tied in than I could ever incorporate into those few paragraphs. What Joel may leave out in expressive voice in his pieces he certainly makes up for in content and validity of analysis.


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