The hills are alive with the sound of

January 29, 2012
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Having grown up on stock quote feeds and The Wall Street Journal instead of Humpty Dumpty and Robert Frost, I am almost completely devoid of knowledge of fairy tales. It took me the longest time watching “The Brothers Grimm” to figure out that it was based on fairytales; I could not connect little red riding ‘cape’ and Hanz and Greta to their respective tales. If you could peg my favorite fairy tale, you would be a very talented blacksmith, because not even I know it. I think my fourth grade chorus sang a song about Hansel and Gretel since it had something to do with a gingerbread house, so we will say that that is my favorite fairytale due to (1) it being the only one I remembered, and (2) it having something edible in it.

“The hills are alive with the sound of two children romping through it”


So, yeah, I had an unconventional childhood to say the least. But during those years I learned that I will not get anywhere unless I put myself first and take every opportunity. However trite that sounds, I take that to heart, and it follows through with my decision as a tried-and-true Biology major to take a class on the history and transcendence of fairytales and folklore in our culture. Besides obviously learning the names of these fairy tales with which I am so unfamiliar, I want to learn what makes them different from any regular story and what makes certain stories special enough to have been passed down over so many generations and through so many different cultures to be specially categorized as fairytales. I mean, for how awesome we all thought “Terminator 2” was, I somehow doubt that will be a staple viewing experience/storyline for denizens of 2200 America.

“You mean I’m not the best actor of all time?”


Maybe I’m just jaded with respect to my usual educational experiences with science, but I want to branch out from underneath the microscope; every wild, quirky opportunity I seize will probably be for the better, or at least it will increase my knowledge base. So I might just be taking this class because it was available and it was not a science course. Boom.


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Hello world!

January 24, 2012
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